iStat on Raspberry Pi

All the cool kids have been playing with their Raspberry Pis for quite awhile now. But, how do you monitor the tasks it’s completing for you? I’ve heard of iStat in the past and thought it might be time to give it a whirl. The only problem is I couldn’t find any instructions on how to install iStatd on a pi… so let’s fix that.

I'm sorry you can't see this picture of the iStatd interface

You will need:
1. Raspberry Pi
2. iOS Device with iStat from @bjango
3. A little bit of brains

First let’s ssh into the pi and update our packages
sudo apt-get update

Next we are going to install the dependencies will need to get it installed
sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev

When I wrote this the most recent version of iStatd was 0.5.8 from 2 years ago. You can check for the latest version here:

I downloaded 0.5.8
wget --no-check-certificate

And then extracted it
tar -xzvf istatd-0.5.8.tar.gz

I think it’s probably time to get some compiling on
cd istatd-0.5.8
sudo make
sudo make install

Are we having fun yet? Create a user for iStat and give it the proper permissions…
sudo useradd istat
sudo mkdir /var/run/istat
sudo chown istat /var/run/istat

iStat has a configuration file and you’re going to want to change it
sudo nano /usr/local/etc/istat.conf

It’s pretty self explanatory but for sure you should change server_code to a different 5 pin digit number. Also change the disks to monitor. For me my df shows I have a / and a /boot but I only care about / so I’m changing that line
# Array of disks to monitor. Specify mount path or device name.
monitor_disk ( / )

Holy cow… are we done? Let’s start this sucker up
sudo /usr/local/bin/istatd -d

Done and done. iStatd is running in the background. You can fire up iStat for iOS and give it the ip of your pi along with the pin you just set.

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Comcast Sucks

AT&T Uverse does too. I started my quick search because in the last 3 to 4 months Uverse went from $39 a month to $54 this month. I only have Internet. 12 Mbps Internet. I bought a nice antenna and a sweet TiVo a while back when I realized 90% of my TV came over the air anyway and I could do without Clint Eastwood’s stupid family (at the time it was something equally as dumb).

My only other option is Comcast. So I went to look at their bundles. I found they could give me 20 Mbps for $30 a month. Sweet! But wait, here’s 30 Mbps AND TV for only $49.99. Heck, that’s what I’m paying now. And my TiVo will take the cable card. Why not?! The thing says Discovery, CNN, and more! What’s the and more? So I click, and it wants my info. So I play ball. Then it wants my SSN. WHAT?! Seriosuly? I just want to see the channel line up. Maybe I missed something. Click on the link for internet packages again. BAM! Chat window! “Hi, it’s Chris, can I help you?”

A. I don’t believe anyone but a computer is talking to me to start with which is substantialized by the “Chris: Please wait while a secure chat connection is established.”
B. Computers aren’t named Chris. I name my computers, none of them are Chris. Even my TiVo is named something cool like “Bruce”. (Sorry Chris)
C. Every time I ask a question in the transcript count 1000 Mississippi. Every time he does count 20 Mississippi. Then you’ll have the timing down.

Your chat transcript

This is an automated email. Please do not respond to this email address as it does not accept incoming email.

Chris: Hi, I'm a live Comcast product specialist. Would you like my help checking out?
Chris: Just type your question below.

You: I'm not allowed to go back on my order to look at the products without this popping up?

Chris: Please wait while a secure chat connection is established.
Chris: I'll be glad to help you out with our services.
Chris: So that we don't lose connection, can you please click on the orange ‘Move chat window’ button to make it a window of its own. That way, you'll still see this web page while we chat.

You: Ok
You: So I selected Blast Plus promotion. Looks like Blast is normally $72.95 a month, is that right?

Chris: Blast Plus regular rate is at $79.95 per month.
Chris: Thank you for moving the chat.
Chris: Do you mind if I ask a few questions to make sure we get the ideal package that best suits your needs?

You: Sure

Chris: Thank you so much!
Chris: Just to check before we move on, Are you a current Comcast customer or have you had Comcast service within the last 120 days?

You: No
You: I have Uverse
You: Internet only, I like it but the price is just getting out of control. 12 Mbps was $39 but it's gone up fast, it's $54 this month

Chris: Thank you for considering Comcast! Prices vary by location however we can definitely take a look at the available offers in your area. May I have your street address with zip code?
Chris: That's really the way all companies work. Introductory promotional rates for new customers, then regular ongoing pricing.

You: What I like about them is they say I'll get 12 Mbps and I do, all the time. Also it's unlimited and your 250 GB cap worries me because I know I can go over it streaming things from my computer at home to my phone and other places when I'm out and about as well as using remote desktop and VNC when I'm away.
You: At this point I put in my address which I'm not posting
You: Nah, I've had them for years. They've just started raising prices on me

Chris: Thank you for providing me your address with zip code.
Chris: I am very happy to inform you that we have 300GB bandwidth already.
Chris: What channels are you looking to have?

You: Cool so it went up
You: I don't care much for tv
You: but if something is included I would need a cable card tuner
You: With what I was looking at it was included, and I thought that was nice. But I have Hulu + as well as Netflix

Chris: How many TV's do you own? How many are HD?

You: and I have a Boxee Box and an Apple TV which lets me buy and/or stream stuff direct from the networks which I use a lot
You: 2 TV's and they're both HD
You: well 3
You: 2 hd and 1 not so much
You: When I was looking it said it was 9.95 to hook up EVERY TV
You: Which I find to be absurd. Isn't there a little box I can get somewhere to just get the channels I'm already paying for without paying $20?

Chris: Yes, and that is the price of our HD Receiver.
Chris: I'm afraid you have to have a box for each TV.

You: how much is that?

Chris: Our HD Receiver is at $10 per month.

You: Can I buy one outright?
You: I thought there was a small box you could get that just hooked right up to the cable and tv with COAX, about the size of a Roku

Chris: Yes, you may buy it however, you cannot buy it from Comcast and please be informed that you are not able to watch On Demand movies if you will buy it.

You: I need need the HD/DVR thing
You: I'm not worried about that
You: I'm sorry, that should say I DON'T need the HD/DVR box

Chris: Please note that without the box, you are not able to watch the channels with the package.

You: Are we on the same page here?
You: Is there a small box I can get to watch cable channels?
You: like the Motorola DCT700 Cable Box Convertor
You: Is that what you're trying to give me for $10 a month
You: Or is it the HD/DVR box?

Chris: I apologize. You may not have the box however, you can only watch local channels with the package.

You: That's not what it said, Looked like there were a few more

Chris: That would be the HD Receiver for your HD TVs.

You: the Motorola DCT700 Cable Box Convertor?
You: They're about $40 on ebay, could I just buy one off there and it would work?

Chris: I'm afraid I do not have information with that.

You: Then I guess we're done talking
You: This really hasn't been helpful at all

Chris: All technical issues with Comcast Service are handled by our Technical Support Chat Agents. I can guide you through the path of connecting to this group.
Chris: Are you ok with me sending you to the appropriate webpage to connect to that group?
Chris: I am sorry to hear that.

You: A huge waste of my time really. Maybe there's some sort of form I could fill out to rate my experience?
You: I don't have a technical issue
You: I don't even have your service yet, and you're saying I have a technical issue?
You: This experience has been awful. What can you do to rectify this?

Chris: I really apologize for the inconvenience. We can check in Step 5 if you can buy a Motorola DCT700 Cable Box Convertor.
Chris: How are things coming along?

You: I don't know what step 5 is but ok
You: You mentioned I'd only get local channels however the deal says Discovery CNN and more
You: I clicked on it hoping to see what the and more is. Can you please give me the full channel lineup for that package?

Chris: Yes, you will only get local channels if you will not lease any of our boxes.

You: I'd also like to know if there is a contract obligation with this package

Chris: Here's a link to a new window where you can review the channel line up. Please Click Here to see the page.

You: I get one box included correct?
You: Thanks, which package should I be looking at?

Chris: Yes, you will only get our Digital Box for your main TV.

You: You mentioned the limit is now 300 GB a month, what happens when I go over?

Chris: For your additional TV, boxes would be at an additional rate if you add it.

You: What I had before was a "Digital Transport Adapter" and it was free. Are these no longer included?
You: Also, I don't need a box, I would need the cable card. Would that still be included?
You: I'm also still wondering what package I should be looking at on this link you sent
You: Are you in Live Chat with other people right now?

Chris: No, I am not. Please hold.

You: Ok. DTA, Digital Transport Adapter. Is that what I'm getting for $10 a month. Or would I get the larger silver boxes with a LCD display on them?

Chris: Our "HD Service" will allow you access to all the high definition channels that are available in the plan you choose. This is our HD Receiver that connects to your HD TV.
Chris: Are you still with me?

You: Yes
You: Are you researching my other questions or do I need to ask again?
You: Are you still with me?

Chris: Yes, I am. I apologize for the delay. One moment please.
Chris: If you exceed more than 250 GB, you may receive a call from the Customer Security Assurance team to notify you of excessive use.

You: I thought you said it was 300 GB?

Chris: I apologize for the misinformation. It is still at 250 GB.

You: Alright, Yeah, I had heard that the policy is about to change and it was being raised and overages would get a charge or a warning. I just didn't know if that had actually happened or if you had the details. So ok, it's at 250 GB. Can you now tell me what channel line up I should be looking at with the Blast Plus package (regardless if I have the right box or not)

Chris: 2 Digital Adapter Service is free with our Blast Plus.
Chris: That would be the Digital Economy.
Chris: What channels are you looking to have?

You: USA
You: Disovery
You: Cartoon Network
You: History

Chris: How many TV's do you own? How many are HD?

You: I've already answered that question...

Chris: I apologize for asking the same question twice.

You: That's where we got stuck before. Let me tell you this, all I want with this is a cable card.
You: Which, from what I read, you're required by law to give me in replace of the tuner that comes with the package.

Chris: Yes, you may add our Cable Card at $2.50 per month. May I ask what types of things do you usually do online?
Chris: I haven’t heard from you in a while. Would you like to continue to chat?

You: Seriously?
You: I wait about 3 minutes for you to type a response. You gave me about 30 seconds.
You: Yes, let's continue to step 5.

Chris: May I ask what types of things do you usually do online?

You: I don't see how that's relevant. I have 12 Mbps internet currently and that works splendidly. All your packages seem to go beyond that so I think we can move on.

Chris: How many computers or gaming devices do you connect to the internet? Are any of them laptops?
Chris: How are things coming along?

You: Computers = 4, 2 of them are laptops
You: gaming devices = 2

Chris: Do you have compatible, reliable equipment to connect to the Internet (e.g. modem)?

You: I do not have a comcast modem but I have my own router I would be using
You: I will be back in 3 minutes

Chris: It's just $7 a month to lease our XFINITY Wireless Gateway which includes a router, cable modem and voice adapter in one device. It allows multiple devices in the house to access the Internet at the same time with reliably fast speeds!
Chris: Sure. I can hold on while you take care of everything you need to.
Chris: How are things coming along?
Chris: Are you still with me?
Chris: I would be happy to assist you today, however I'm afraid that if I don't hear from you I will not be able to stay and keep this chat open.
Chris: Thank you for visiting Comcast today. I hope you'll come visit us again soon.
Chris: Have a great evening.

At this point I had to put James in bed. It might have taken 5 minutes.