James Timothy’s First Month

Can you believe it? It’s been a month already! Time seems to be flying by and James Timothy is getting bigger everyday. We went to the doctor today and he is up to 11 pounds and has grown about an inch! The doc said he is healthy and advancing perfectly.

I think Angela fully understands why women get time off from work after having a child. She has been so busy this past month that I think sometimes she’s moving on pure adrenaline. I know I wouldn’t be able to do it! The best I can do is help out here and there where I can and try not to take things too personally when I get a pan thrown at me. LOL, ok so there haven’t been any pan throwing incidents… yet 😉

He had his first bath and subsequently second and third this past month which he actually seems to LOVE. It always knocks him out right afterward too. We’ve got his swing set up which is something else he loves. Some mornings he likes to be put in that thing and then the rest of the family gets to sleep for several more hours.  I’m already feeling the never ending amount of things that need to be put together for this kid.

And now for some pictures. If you’re not following me on twitter you’re missing out on some of the best pictures taken from my phone so go there now! http://twitter.com/jamescochran

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