hhgregg Warranty Service Sucks

Around this time two years ago the wife and I were buying our first home.  It’s not huge but it fit the two of us perfect, especially after 6 months of searching.  Once we had our home we had to buy all new appliances and it was the perfect time to fulfill my dream of getting a big screen TV.  I did the research and shopped around and realized the flat panels were still way to expensive for the size of TV I wanted so we decided a rear projection would be great for us.  This is when we went to hhgregg and bought a Samsung 50″ DLP Projection TV.  Once we got it home I quickly noticed a rainbow effect while watching Tv.  It was driving me crazy so we went back a few days later and exchanged the Samsung DLP Projection for a Sony 50″ LCD Projection TV.  Specifically Model KDF-50e2000.  They brought out the new TV and took away the old one the next day.  No problems, no headaches, just great service.

I don’t know what has happened to hhgregg since.  Two years later the bulb in my TV went out.  Something I knew would happen which is why I bought the extended warranty.  I knew $400 was too much but when you figure a lamp is definitely going out and it is several hundred plus you get the service of someone coming out AND the peace of mind that if anything else goes wrong in 5 years it will be fixed it seems like it’s worth it.  Plus I’m a sucker when it comes to people selling me crap.  It’s all I can do to not order the Topsy Turvy Tomato Planter and I don’t even like tomatoes.  When I call to get it fixed they schedule me service for a few days later and all seems great.  A couple of hours later the people coming out call and tell me that the lamp is backordered from Samsung and it will be a few weeks.  First I say “Weeks?!?” then I say wait, I don’t have a Samsung.  She notifies me that I in fact do have a Samsung model something or other.  I assure her that no, I have a Sony.  I’ve been staring and the dang logo on the bottom of my screen and on the remote for two years.  To which she cancels the order and tells me I need to straighten it out with hhgregg and promptly hangs up.  Thanks I. A. Electronics!

I called hhgregg to figure out what was going on even though it was pretty obvious they never put in the information for the new TV.  It turns out it’s way more complicated than that.  GE Warranty Service is apparently who hhgregg gave at least a portion of my money to and who is now responsible for fixing my TV… kind of.  All they do is coordinate with I.A. Electronics to get it fixed.  GE won’t do anything because I have warranty for a TV that I don’t own.  hhgregg tells me that they’ll have to research it and get the proper information to GE.  The next afternoon I still hadn’t heard anything so I went to the store and was told that hhgregg corporate would have to notify GE because they wouldn’t believe the store and on top of that they still can’t find my invoices.  I bring in my own copies of the invoices and they email corporate with the invoice numbers so they can look them up.  Come Wednesday I still hadn’t heard anything so I called corporate myself to complain.  I gave the nice lady my invoice numbers and my TV model and serial number.  She says it will take a day or two to get the info updated.  I decided to call GE the next day just to check and amazingly they finally had the correct info for my TV!

I walk through getting an appointment set up and the guy at GE asks me what time Monday would be good for me.  I stop him and say that Monday is Memorial Day, a holiday.  He assures me that they will be working that day so I get everything set up and he gives me the contact info for I.A. Electronics along with my service number.  I promptly call I.A. to check on everything and when I mention I have an appointment Monday the guy on the phone laughed.  I mean he actually laughed out loud and then said “No, no.” still chuckling.  That made me a happy camper of course.  He went on to inform me that Monday was a holiday and they weren’t going to be working.  Being a computer tech I’m upset this whole time anyway because I know I could change that stupid lamp in 10 minutes if I could just get it in my hands.  So I ask the man if I can just come by and pick up a lamp to which he looks up my TV model and tells me that the lamp is going to have to be ordered and it will take 7 days.  Ugh.

So now it’s been a week.  My TV is still broke.  It’s most likely going to be broke for another week.  No one will take responsibility for any of the mistakes that’s happened and I’m going crazy here.

Fast Forward several weeks…

I finally resolved this issue.  Eventually GE Warranty shipped a new lamp out to the people who were going to service my TV so as soon as I saw it arrived I told them I’d be in to pick it up myself because I didn’t want to wait another 4 days on top of the 16 days it had already been.  Replacing the lamp literally took 30 seconds and I didn’t need any tools.  I just popped off a panel, twisted another panel off, pulled up on the old lamp, and then did all that in reverse.  30 seconds!  I waited 16 days and it was only 30 seconds worth of work!

Let this be a lesson to you, the extended warranty is a rip off!

<end rant>

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27 thoughts on “hhgregg Warranty Service Sucks

  1. HH Gregg doesn't sell extended warranties, they have a Protective service plan that we sell and it's offered protection buy a company called NEW, they are who you should have called and would have resolved this much quicker. Once you leave the store HH Gregg has nothing to do with the service plan, it's all NEW, which has 24/7 support, so good luck and I hope in the future this isn't an issue. Also make sure the Service plan is still valid after your repairs, call NEW to check it out as it's only at their discretion if they decide to renew you plan and for how long. Take care

  2. James,

    Scott Parry in his comment is totally wrong. NEW will blow you off because you bought your TV BEFORE May 2008. NEW will only help customer out of mfg warranty who bought one of their policies (sold only after May 2008). Before that, all the policies were GE. Scott Parry, you mean well, but are not suited to give this customer advice.

    I'm sorry you had such a problem. It originated when your exchange was typed and the cashier must not have included the warranty. The point of sale (POS) system used to require this be done manually…it is smarter now that we have proven ourselves dumb. It should not have taken sooooooo long to repair the record of your warranty. I see this weekly…and get warranties “reestablished” in 2 business days.

    I have been and hhgregg manager in Cleveland for 7+ years. You were victimized by store managers not knowing about the evolution of the systems and their shortcomings along the way (i.e., lack of experience), thus not knowing the quick fix.

    Now, GE Warranty is another story. For what it's worth, we have switched to a different warranty company and they are better. Please remember that an extended warranty is nothing more than insurance…they write the check to the repair man…that's about it. The quality and timliness of repair are solely in the hands of the person making the repair. If you car gets in an accident, State Farm can't make the body shop perform better or worse…they just write the check. Same situation.

    Thankfully your TV was eventually repaired and I hope despite that you will stick with us.


  3. So the time has come to look into Frigidaire replacement parts. Is one of your Frigidaire appliances showing signs of wear and tear? No appliance can last forever. At some point, parts are going to wear out.

  4. So the time has come to look into Frigidaire replacement parts. Is one of your Frigidaire appliances showing signs of wear and tear? No appliance can last forever. At some point, parts are going to wear out.

  5. I totally agreee hhgregg warrenty is such a scam i found out that after i purchase my extended warrenty for 100 bucks per appliance (washer/dryer) someone went in the system canceled my extended warrenty and pocketed the money. Four years later when i needed to use my extended 5 year warrenty plan when my wahser broke i was accused of calling and canceling it myself why the Fuck would i pay $200 bucks and cancel a few days later. I even had the proof that i paid the money in my account and it was never refunded. I was dicked around for weeks back and forth many phone calls later and a ton a aggrivation and my 4 year old washer is still broken. Hhgregg is a scam do not shop there.

  6. I totally agreee hhgregg warrenty is such a scam i found out that after i purchase my extended warrenty for 100 bucks per appliance (washer/dryer) someone went in the system canceled my extended warrenty and pocketed the money. Four years later when i needed to use my extended 5 year warrenty plan when my wahser broke i was accused of calling and canceling it myself why the Fuck would i pay $200 bucks and cancel a few days later. I even had the proof that i paid the money in my account and it was never refunded. I was dicked around for weeks back and forth many phone calls later and a ton a aggrivation and my 4 year old washer is still broken. Hhgregg is a scam do not shop there.

  7. I could not agree with you more, on April 30th 2010 I purchased an Epson 8100 projector and was told for a few dollars more I could purchase the 5 year lamp replacement warranty, I have never purchased an extended warranty before as I had always view them as a rip off, however, I thought that it would be a good idea in this case as I had read and was told that the lamps in projectors could burn out before their projected lamp life. Well I installed my nhew projector in my holiday home and enjoyed it while I was there but then had to return home. a few weeks later we had a family stay in our home, while they were there, they reported that the lamp was blown, I called and was toild that the warranty would not cut in until after the first year by the first person that I spoke to, when I told them that was not good enough they put me in contact with the store, they told me that I would have to call this company NEW, I did and was told that as I had reported a problem within 30 days of purchase, I would have to return it to the store and have the whole unit exchanged, when I explaned that I was out of the country and not able to do that she suggested that HHGREG would have someone come to the house and exchange the unit. I must confess that at this point I was feeling better as things looked like they were going in the right direction, however, while on a threeway call with the lady from NEW and the lady from HHGREG, the lady from HHGREG put us on hold and then came back and said, I would have had to come back within a 15 day period as that was that stores policy, therefore, I would now need to call the manufacturer, well my blod started to boil at this point, however, the lady at NEW said, not to worry she would have it sorted, and put me on hold while trying to contact the manufacturer – tyhen we got cut off!!! So I called back and thinking that as I had her name, we could resume and have the problem sorted – but NO!! I got a mans voice, he informed me that he could not transfer me and as he could see my account he would have a read and get back to me in a minute. As I waited, I explained to my wife what was happening, she was amazed that I had by this time been on the phone for 45 minuts and still did not have the problem resolved. Well after the very long minute the man came on the phone and said that his notes shoed that I purchased the warranty that covers only the major parts and not the lamp! Well well well, needless to say, I was amazed at what I was hearing as the sales man that had sold me the warranty took his time to explain the warranty and I was very clear on asking him all about it. I will be visiting the store with all of my papar work and sincerly hope that HHGREG will do the right thing, however by to looks of things, I would tell anyone – do not bother to purchase the extended warranty as it is clear that this is a way for HHGRER to make extra cash while they rip off their customers.

  8. Well Mr. HHGREG Manager, I pity you for having to work for such a dishonest establishment, my recent experience will send me back to BEST BUY!!!!

  9. I am going through the same issue with their new warranty company called n.e.w. insurance co. 50″ panasonic plasma. part is on backorder it's been a month. also they could find my warranty either

  10. AGREED! I just got off a 45 min phone call with their “customer service” who just informed that my extended warranty doesn’t cover crap! Tell me again why I pay $100 to ensure the manufacture doesnt make a mistake, isn’t that just a given taht they will fix what they screwed up? so i pay the extra cash, they still dont cover damages, and i have been waiting 9 WEEKS and counting…

  11. Hhgregg sent my Nikon D60 camera to Norman’s Electronics( http://www.neiusa.com.) to be serviced. Norman’s Electronics does not advertise servicing cameras not being a factory authorised servive provider of Nikon products. Hhgregg sent the wrong serial number and wrong address to Norman’s Electronics and my camera laid there for 4 weeks before they ever touched it. I took the camera in for service on 10/9/10. Today is 11/29/10 and I still do not have my camera back and am losing money. All it needs is a new lens.Pathetic

  12. I def agree….jus spent 45 mins on the phone to transfer warranty for them to tell me to call the number I already called. Then they finally tell me to fax all the info..I hope I never need they’re warranty service…

  13. i am also going through it with hh gregg and ge assurance and it has been 31 days since my tv has been fixed!!! and now they have taken the tv (when they took it they asked my wife to help load it (55inch plasma)). i am getting the run around in a major way. can anyone help? is there a secret number i can call? i will post more when i have time.

    Robert Williams
    Anderson sc

  14. Good luck with that! I purchased all LG products from hhgregg, Augusta, Ga, consisting of a 57″ LCD TV, surround sound package, dishwasher, gas stove, fridge, ALL, TOP OF THE LINE!!!! Also purchased, 5 year “unlimited” warranty on every single item! Well…….obviously, needless to say,….I feel “DRY Fù€£ed”!!!!! Over $10,000 later, both hhgregg & “NEW” fat pig CHINAmen are having a much better life than I. Not only do the $1400 stove, & the $2000 fridge have many “disfunctions”, I’ve suffered through an unlimited amount of minutes, if not hours, with the “WARRANTY POLICE”. So much as to having to hand the phone over to the nearest sane person, because I just could not justify the fact that I was justified in calling them for help to repair my “brand new appliances”!!!!!!!!!! Only to be put “on the list”, 10 days later, the sweet, almost embarrassed, repairman shared with me; oh…..just wait for this!……..his thoughts were that,…hhgregg sells “REJECTS” or “REFURBISHED” or “SCARRED” products…….that’s why they sell them cheaper!!!??????!!!!

  15. i completely agree !!! bought a samsung lcd tv, 55 inch, one year ago, and bought the 5 yr service plan with it. little did I know that hhgregg sells that contract to some crappy company that you have to deal with. In our situation, they dont have anyone to fix the tv, so we have to wait for a week for them to find someone who can do the work.  So… after buying a warranty from hhgregg… while im at work, i have to trust a repair company that I dont know, hhgregg doesnt know, the company who bought the contract from hhgregg doesn’t know either to come into my house with my wife and kids at home to fix the tv. this is total crap. DONT BY FROM HHGREGG

  16. Thank you for publishing the comments about your experience. I have a similar experience and so far I am in the 2nd month of my ordeal.  I have the extended warranty, so when my 11 month old microwave started making humming noises when it was not in use, I called.  3 weeks later I had not heard from anyone so I called again and of course, the incident/work order had not been entered, so it could not be found.  The order was entered, and I was given a work order # to reference and as the lady promised, I received a call within 48 hours.  Now, my problem is that there are no repairmen in my area, so corporate will follow up with me in 5 to 7 business days. This is day 8 and I still have not heard from anyone.  I am going to have to call them to follow up again.  Will let you readers know the outcome when I do.  Thanks for listening.

    Vee in Va Beach

  17. I bought a Panasonic Home Theatre system model#sc-bt230,not only did I have to go to another store to buy accesories,but the ones I got (that I was told would work) did;nt fit ,they even gave me the wrong FM antenna,and this system supposedly did;nt have a tuner…do not shop at HHGREGG………………………………………

  18. Forget the problem with service after the fact.  What about service when you buy from them?  Bought an entire house of appliances and found the company who does the delivery and set up will not give my the courtesy of a call the night before so one can adjust our schedule and still earn a living.  They will not call until 6:30 AM the day of the delivery to give you the 3 hour window of opportunity.  The arrogance of a company to treat its customers like crap.  After all I am the customer, I am paying for the appliances and the delivery.  They expect me to sit around and wait until they decide what is best for them with no regard to the customer or the fact that the customer has to work to pay for their stuff.  My suggestion is to go to another supplier before the fun begins and definitely never waste money on extended warranties. It has been shown in many consumer articles that it just isn’t worth it.

  19. if you think it’s bad being a customer of hhgregg, try working there. what a nightmare! they pay us very little on the appliances and make us sell extended warranties to make an even meager pay check. we have to really shove the extended warranties down customer’s throats or we will get fired. it tends to make hhgregg sales people overpromise and underdeliver. the claims the salespeople represent about our service plans are grossly exaggerated. we constantly lose sales because of merchandise not being available. greggs inventory policy is first person who schedules delivery gets it. that means if you order appliances to be delivered in 2 weeks and someone else orders the same appliances for tomorrows delivery, in 2 weeks the first customer is going to be SOL ! horrible way to do business. next their delivery company constantly drops the ball and their installation company is even worse yet. i wish consumers would read more blogs about hhgagg before they go out to purchase. when their new in an area they make a big splash for a year or two. then their real reputation catches up with them. why do you think they are opening so many stores in new areas? so they can get a couple of good years out of each one and impress their investors. it’s interesting to me that with all of the new stores they are opening, i just read on line that their stock has  been underperforming. wow what a shock.
    do yourself a favor and buy major articles from your local neighborhood family owned dealer.
    by the way, i recently was fired for telling my boss what i thought of him and his crummy hhgagg.
    i’ll find a job with a local hometown appliance dealer.

  20. I bought a TV from HHgregg Nov 2011 and they said a $100.00 refund after mail in rebate. Feb 2012 came and no check?  I contacted HHgregg and they agreed to send me a check.  The sent me $50.00.
    When I try to contact them, they do not respond. 

  21. My less than 2 year old Sharp TV went completely blank ten days ago.I purchased an extended warranty. I have found out that the company that has been chosen by NEW the warranty company is in Galion Ohio which is 143 miles from my house. I live in a Cincinnati suburb and there must be at least a hundred service companies in Cincinnati that would service this TV. First HH Gregg set up an appointment for me to have my TV fixed and did not inform me that I had to be available for the call the day before from the repair company so that they could diagnose my problem over the phone. From that they said they had to order a power pack and notify me when it came in, still waiting seven days later. You can UPS a part from anywhere in the world in seven days. This is a scam, I will never shop at HH Gregg again.

  22. hhgreg is a joke if they had faith in the product they sold why no returns after 30 day… im so upset with them i dont know what to do… i bought a 55 smart tv four month ago and its broke they dont want to fix or exchange it …..I will never by anything from them again….

  23. In that case I’d say it’s the manufacturers responsibility unless you bought the third party warranty. Then good luck working with them. But I would call the manufacturer if it’s only been 4 months.

  24. Yes, you would think premium appliances would equal premium service. You would think that if HH Gregg wants to continue to earn our business that they would care about the warranty providers they choose to service their customers. I have a dryer that has no heat. I have to wait 4 days for anyone to even come out to take a look at it. It is winter, no chance of hanging items to dry…
    Plus, I’ve looked the service provider up on Angie’s List and they are rated “C”. Maybe I shouldn’t have looked because I am expecting the worst!

  25. same here! My computer is so shit after a year, bought two years. THE contract states ANY PROBLEMS just bring it in! Internal or external.. THE guy there yea, we can’t help you if it’s the hardware or if it’s a virus! WTF YOUPIECE OF SHT I’m fifteen bought it whenI was thirteen with my own money! There goes 700 dollars out the door ffs! And on top of that, im to scared to drop it down my stairs and get my money back or a whole new comp. Cause we all know they cant fix crap. They might land some bs and Idk what to do. I have many probs with computer, first being that it states I have 3 bars for internet but when you click it to view other local wifis it says I have 4 and it keeps bugging and jumping to 2-1 bars! My grammar was terrible, i’m to upset right now to even worry about it!

  26. I also agree, i’ve been waing for 3 weeks now to get my service call answered. Just found out today that the com they referred me to hadn’t called because they never received the order. I’ve only had my machines a little over 2yrs and the 1st yr I had to replace a belt which I just found out the company paid for but the Company A & E also charged my mom $90.00 which was not suppose to happen so he was dishonest. It was never explained to me that u had to pay for anything if you call them but that’s not true. Yes It SUCKS big time. I’m gonna report them to the BETTER BUSINESS BUREA!!!

  27. Bought 55 inch Panasonic plasma paid over $1800 including extended warranty it has been a month and still not fixed. They say the part is ‘back ordered’ how long is acceptable to have to wait. No repair date has been scheduled! Never will purchase from hhgregg again!

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