New Years Resolution

I wouldn’t be a very good absentee blogger unless I made a New Years resolution to blog more. And confirm it by blogging that I’m going to blog more. So here is that post. You know, the one you generally see dated right after new years and then it’s August and the guy hasn’t posted anything else. Yeah, that can be me! But I have a plan.

To begin with I started using posterous, a website that makes it super simple to blog anything with through various methods such as email. I’ve also been writing daily (mostly) on a website called OhLife. It’s an online diary, or journal if you prefer. Every night it emails me and simply asks how my day went. I email it back a few sentences or paragraphs and it records it for me. It’s the only thing I’ve ever used that’s kept me writing frequently.

My goal is to create short posts with posterous every now and again with pictures. And about once a week roll up what’s been happening using OhLife. It will look a little something like this:

Leading up to New Years it seems the whole family got sick. I had to take a day off work to take care of everyone which of course meant I eventually got sick. I walked into work this past Monday coughing and generally looking of death and now regret not taking the day off. I switched James to the big boy Tylenol which means he has to take more of it but the dosage contains the same amount of medicine. It hasn’t been easy.

There was New Years of course which was a blast. Had a few friends over and watched the ball drop and rocked out to some rock band. I’m super excited about my baby girl growing up at the same time as my friends’ baby girl!

I saw the Social Network last Thursday. To begin with I thought the score of it was awesome. I think it was nominated for a Grammy and it deserves to be. Second, it kind of made me sad knowing I’ll never be as smart as I want to be. Some of the tings people can do is just amazing.

New Years day brought a surprise birthday party for Angi’s grandma. she turned 90 and the church by her house let us all come in and have a little party. James had a blast running around with the other kids and everyone complimented Lucie on how cute she is.

It was truly a good week with fun times with our family and friends. Praying for many more of those weeks this year. I’d be happy with 52 of them 🙂

P.S. Colts are in the playoffs. Go Colts!!!

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