iStat on Raspberry Pi

All the cool kids have been playing with their Raspberry Pis for quite awhile now. But, how do you monitor the tasks it’s completing for you? I’ve heard of iStat in the past and thought it might be time to give it a whirl. The only problem is I couldn’t find any instructions on how to install iStatd on a pi… so let’s fix that.

I'm sorry you can't see this picture of the iStatd interface

You will need:
1. Raspberry Pi
2. iOS Device with iStat from @bjango
3. A little bit of brains

First let’s ssh into the pi and update our packages
sudo apt-get update

Next we are going to install the dependencies will need to get it installed
sudo apt-get install build-essential libxml2-dev

When I wrote this the most recent version of iStatd was 0.5.8 from 2 years ago. You can check for the latest version here:

I downloaded 0.5.8
wget --no-check-certificate

And then extracted it
tar -xzvf istatd-0.5.8.tar.gz

I think it’s probably time to get some compiling on
cd istatd-0.5.8
sudo make
sudo make install

Are we having fun yet? Create a user for iStat and give it the proper permissions…
sudo useradd istat
sudo mkdir /var/run/istat
sudo chown istat /var/run/istat

iStat has a configuration file and you’re going to want to change it
sudo nano /usr/local/etc/istat.conf

It’s pretty self explanatory but for sure you should change server_code to a different 5 pin digit number. Also change the disks to monitor. For me my df shows I have a / and a /boot but I only care about / so I’m changing that line
# Array of disks to monitor. Specify mount path or device name.
monitor_disk ( / )

Holy cow… are we done? Let’s start this sucker up
sudo /usr/local/bin/istatd -d

Done and done. iStatd is running in the background. You can fire up iStat for iOS and give it the ip of your pi along with the pin you just set.

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2 thoughts on “iStat on Raspberry Pi

  1. Thanks a lot!!! I have rtried to install istatd for two days now and it did not work! But with your manual it worked perfectly!! 1000000 thanks! – One thing would be awesome to know. How to make it stating at boot.

  2. Outstanding! I tried a few other walk-thoughs but they failed, this one worked… making it so it starts at boot would be a nice touch though.

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