Windows 7 Beta

The first 2.5 million people to download it can get in on the public beta of Windows 7 today.  The download link isn’t up yet so what that means is their site is going to get hammered all day long.  I’m monitoring the page using which will detect any changes on the page and alert me, hopefully immediately, so I don’t miss out on the opportunity to own a legit copy.  I beta tested the Vista beta RC 1 and RC 2 so I’ pretty excited to get in on this too.

If you are interested in getting a license you should be able to find it here later on today:

Third Day Tickets

So for this months Third Day on the third day post it seems everyone is a little bit late.  That’s ok though because just today I was able to find out where I’ll be sitting when me and the wife see them in November.  Section C Row 3 seats 207 and 208.  That doesn’t mean much if you don’t know where the seats are actually located so how about a picture.  That always seems to do the trick.

Great Seats

So there you have it.  I’m pretty excited for the show.  It’s the best seats we’ve ever gotten.  The ones we had last time were pretty good and the State Fair show we went to back in 2006 were even better but I think this time it’s going to be really special.  Hopefully the band will be doing a meet and great so we can say hi.  Soon I’ll have the tickets in hand and all that will be left to do is count the days!

The Vice Presidential Debate

I had figured that since everyone set the bar so low for Gov. Palin that she would come out looking good last night.  What I did not expect is how good she actually did.  I enjoyed hearing her speak and I enjoyed watching the debate although it was more of Gov. Palin talking directly to me and Sen Biden trash talking President Bush and Sen McCain than it was an actual debate.  My favorite part is when Gov Palin began laughing and said something along the lines of, “There you go again Joe.”

Honestly though, and I think my wife said it best, If you were in it for Biden you are going to think he did well and if you were in it for Palin you are going to think she did well.

This article from the Wall Street Journal sums up a lot of how I felt about last nights debate.  Here’s a small excerpt:

As far as Mrs. Palin was concerned, Gwen Ifill was not there, and Joe Biden was not there. Sarah and the camera were there. This was classic “talk over the heads of the media straight to the people,” and it is a long time since I’ve seen it done so well, though so transparently. There were moments when she seemed to be doing an infomercial pitch for charm in politics. But it was an effective infomercial.

Joe Biden seems to have walked in thinking that she was an idiot and that he only had to patiently wait for this fact to reveal itself. This was a miscalculation. He showed great forbearance. Too much forbearance. She said of his intentions on Iraq, “Your plan is a white flag of surrender.” This deserved an indignant response, or at least a small bop on the head, from Mr. Biden, who has been for five years righter on Iraq than the Republican administration. He was instead mild.

But what do you think?

T-Mobile G1 Goodness

Yes, the android phone cometh.  on October 22nd those of you on T-Mobile or willing to switch will be able to get your hands on the HTC Dream aka the T-Mobile G1.  There has been so much buzz around the open source operating system Android that it’s been crazy.  It’s nice to not only have an open source OS for smartphones but also to see that we are breaking free from Windows Mobile and what not.  I used Windows Mobile for years and can honestly tell you the experience was horrible.  Better than a palm but still teh suxor.  

A few quick stats about this phone:

  • It has a 3.1 inch touch screen
  • Much like an iPhone you can talk for 5 hours
  • It’s got a camera, 3.1 megapixel to be exact.  That’s 1.1 more than I’ve got!
  • You can get it in three amazing colors, White, Black, and poop Brown
  • It’s got GPS… excellent
  • It can take up to an 8 GB micro SD card
  • It’s got an app store called the Android Market
  • It’s open source meaning you’ll be able to get all sorts of functionality out of it
  • Yes that includes YouTube, slacker.
So scrape together $179 or run to your nearest store and preorder it now!  I promise you I’ll be jealous even with my new iPhone.  I’ll just have to wait two years I guess 😉