James Timothy’s Birth

Last week my son James Timothy was born to me and my wife Angela.  Janurary 28th, 2009 at 12:11 pm.  We actually got to the hospital on Monday so that she could be induced but by Wednesday morning it wasn’t happening and that’s about the time we decided a C-section may be the best way to go.

Shortly after noon we found out that was probably the best decision when all 10lbs 2.4ozs  of James Timothy came screaming out to the outside world.  The doc said the 16.5 inch shoulders probably would not have passed anyway and that his 14.5 inch head wasn’t even hardly under the pelvic bone like it should have been.

He was received with much fanfare once we got back to our room where everyone was waiting.  They were all quickly kicked out though, or more precisely since they had already came out to the hallway to see the baby, were left out as we went into the room.  We spent about an hour and a half getting Angela back to feeling ok and feeding the baby.

We had to spend the next 3 days in the hospital learning the massive amounts of information they throw at you.  The best story out of this is the night when the baby finally pooped Angi couldn’t really get out of bed so I had to do the diapers.  I started to take it off and all I could say was “Call the nurse.”  Luckily she was seconds away and came in to give me a hand because that first poopy diaper was by far the worst we’ve had yet.  Although he is starting to get quite a bit more gassy and a little smelly.  It’s all down hill from here in the odor department I suppose.

We’ve been out of the hospital for a few nights now and we are definitely making this all up as we go and doing the best job we can which happens to be a great job if I say so myself 😉

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