CIT 499 Presentation

After days of typing, rehearsing, and creating a PowerPoint I am finally done with my CIT 499 presentation for my Emerging Technologies class.  If you’ve been following my posts you already know basically what I’ve done and what this presentation talks about.  It runs down how I started the class thinking I’d be able to learn Obj-C and create an iPhone app to turning my focus to the CIT@IUPUI Facebook page.

I had a lot of fun working in this class this semester and learning about all sorts of new tools and technologies.  Hopefully Dr. Ho will keep teaching this class because people seeking a CIT degree need to be familiar with all the different things that are out there.

I used to upload my presentation which is a fun WEB 2.0 site for sharing Powerpoint presentations and it will even allow you to share Keynote presenations from Apple’s iWork software.  Cool!

For posterity I’ve uploaded the PowerPoint Show to my host and you can grab it here  It basically goes over what I had to do to get an email listserv into an rss feed and then how I got that feed to start posting to the Facebook Page.  So if you’re looking to do the same sort of thing this may be worth the 15 minutes of your time to look at.  Beware, the download is about 123 MB.

If you’re looking for an upper level elective to take at IUPUI for CIT I would recommend this class.  I learned quite a bit, got to talk about technology, and had a blast!

Twitter Tips for Job Seekers

In my CIT499 Emerging Technologies class tonight I was turned on to this site: 50 Terrific Twitter Tips for Job Seekers.  Considering I’m about to be graduating and have already been out on interviews, and not to mention how much I love twitter, I thought this was worth checking out.

The list starts out with some pretty basic stuff like using your whole name in your Twitter account.  Some things I didn’t think about is using Twitter to put out my resume or using some of the tools they have laid out there like TweetBeep that will track search words like you name and email you updates.

For any job seekers out there who realize your online identity is very important to the hunt this is somehting you need to check out.

CIT FaceBook Page and RSS-Connect

I may have finally found what I’m looking for concerning RSS updates and the CIT FaceBook page.  RSS-Connect looks as if it may be just the thing I need for posting RSS feeds to the main wall feed.  I don’t plan on using this for anything like the CIT Twitter search but I do plan on setting it up for the official calendar feeds for the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology as well as the CIT departments calendar feed.

I spent several hours over the past week or so trying to find something that owuld work well and after viewing some other schools using this exact same app I think this will work out.  So keep your eyes peeled to your FaceBook wall feed for updates coming from!

Facebook and RSS Feeds

I’ve spent the better part of this afternoon trying to figure out how I can update the Facebook status of the page via a RSS feed.  There are several apps out there that let you import a feed but it adds it very small off to the left.  What I’m looking for is having the RSS feed update the status smack dab in the middle of the page.  I’m still looking for a good solution.

What I have figured out though is I want to use a yahoo pipe as the be all end all feed that updates the status.  There are a couple of reasons for this.  For one I will have complete control in one place for the feeds.  Instead of having several different feeds going to facebook directly I can have the one feed from Yahoo pipes go to facebook and then in Yahoo Pipes I can add, remove, or update feeds all from a nice GUI.  Here is an example of what that looks like:

The Yahoo Pipe for the CIT page

The Yahoo Pipe for the CIT page

Making a yahoo pipe is as easy as dragging and dropping over the controls and then linking them together.  For now I just have the one feed which is a Twitter search for the CIT hashtag but I can add more feeds say for instance a CIT Diigo group.  Then all the CIt students could share their favorite Tech stories and they will automatically show up on the Facebook page.

Using all these different services is turning working on the CIT Facebook page into more of a project involving working on CIT’s Social Media Strategy.  Exciting stuff!  If you have any ideas about CIT’s Social Media Strategy please leave me a comment.