Google Profiles

Recently Google launched Google Profiles which will let you build a sort of online biography.  You tell them things like where you’ve lived, where you’ve worked, and where you’ve went to school.  You can also list things like your interests and usernames on other accounts like Twitter for instance.

What’s interesting is even if you are not a heavy user of Google Applications this is something you still problably want to get in and complete.  Why?  Because someone, somewhere, sometime, is going to do a search for you.  Perhaps a potential employer.  It would be nice if you could control what information comes back at least on the first hit.  I tried it out and it was dead easy to get up and going and get some information put into it.

So waste no time!  Go to now and login and start editing your profile.

Google’s New Browser “Chrome”

Excuse me if I’m a day late and a dollar short to the party (whatever that means), but In case you didn’t notice Google has come out with their very own browser called “Chrome”.  They outline their logic behind creating a new browser with this cartoon.  Since I take all cartoons seriously this helped me to understand why I shouldn’t just use Firefox or IE or Safari.  It is open source just like Firefox and uses components from Webkit like Safari.  It has all the standard features you would expect plus some nicities like address bar auto completion and a standard page that shows your top visited site with pictures!  I”ll stick with my Firefox but this would be great for many people I know.  If you are into new things I suggest at least downloading and trying Google’s browser Chrome.