IUPUI Frustration

So on Thursdays I have an hour and a half break during lunch which I use to eat lunch with my wife just like every other day.  We didn’t want McDonalds (again) so I gave up my parking spot to pick her up.  It took me 30 minutes to find a spot once we were done.  Not a good spot either, but I digress.

My one o’clock class was supposed to be on Tuesdays but was changed to Thursdays which is great for me or I’d have 11:30 to 3:00 where I’m just sitting around with my thumb up my butt.  The first Thursday she says we are meeting on Tuesdays but all but a few people where already there so she changed it.  Little did I know she changed it back which means now I have a three and a half hour break between classes and have to be here earlier on Tuesday.  I guess it will give me time to study my math.  Or just surf the interwebs.  Needless to say I’m slightly irritated today.