CIT FaceBook Page and RSS-Connect

I may have finally found what I’m looking for concerning RSS updates and the CIT FaceBook page.  RSS-Connect looks as if it may be just the thing I need for posting RSS feeds to the main wall feed.  I don’t plan on using this for anything like the CIT Twitter search but I do plan on setting it up for the official calendar feeds for the Purdue School of Engineering and Technology as well as the CIT departments calendar feed.

I spent several hours over the past week or so trying to find something that owuld work well and after viewing some other schools using this exact same app I think this will work out.  So keep your eyes peeled to your FaceBook wall feed for updates coming from!

IUPUI Police Report

I get a daily update on what calls the IUPUI campus police have gone on the prior day or two and some of them hilarious and some of them are crazy.  I thought I might share a few of my favorites from todays email.


12/07/08, 2142 – 2200

08001296   Missing Person

350 N. Lansing Street


A student reported he had not seen or heard from a roommate, also a student, for three weeks. The missing student was later located and stated he was fine. He was moving out of the apartment and thought he had notified his roommates.

I mean come on!  You live with these people and they wait three weeks before bothering to find out if you are alive?  I see why you moved out!

10/29/08, 1256

08001159   Personal Injury Accident

Michigan Street / University Boulevard


Driver 1, a student, stated she had the green light and was making a left turn onto Michigan Street and did not see Pedestrian 1 crossing the street until she struck her. Pedestrian 1, a student, stated she had time remaining in the cross walk when she was struck by Vehicle 1. She complained of pain to her hip, back and neck and was transported to Methodist Hospital Emergency Room.

This is really just kind of sad.  I’m surprised people aren’t getting killed everyday on campus trying to walk around.  People drive here like its a drag strip, tearing through intersections.  They almost never stop for pedestrians at cross walks.  I don’t know why the police aren’t out doing anything about it but I assume it’s because they make more money walking around and ticketing people for not having a parking pass instead of ensuring the safety of students, staff, and faculty.