I “like” Palin too

My friend over at Porch Dog likes Sarah Palin, but for all the wrong reasons.  I like her as well.  Also for all the wrong reasons.  It made everyone I know duck at the ball thrown from left field.  It made a jump in the search and news reference for the word “maverick”.  And it made me laugh a little.  Unfortunately, if I’m honest with myself, I view this the same way I viewed the Biden pick.  This is a political move to get more voters.  I thought that about Obama and I think it now about McCain.  But that’s politics right?  Every move is orchestrated in the hopes to get the most votes.  The ultimate popularity contest.  I think America might be getting too good at it.  Porch Dog (from here on out referred to as Porchy) is right when he says the democrats are about to make a fool of her.  I just hope it’s not so bad that her other qualities don’t redeem her.