Hancock – A Review

I heard many people say that this movie wasn’t very good.  About the best I heard is that it is “Ok.”  It didn’t touch me in an emotional way or make me think deep thoughts.  However, it did fulfill what I hoped it would be.  A movie that would be fun and funny.  For a 4th of July film it fit the bill perfectly.  

I may be biased since I’m a Will Smith fan, but I also think it has to do with the fact that going in I knew this movie was about an alcoholic superhero who doesn’t like being called names.  It answers the questions like where did he come from and what is his problem.  It also has a well defined story line and of course ends with the possibility of another movie but does not hint at another movie.  

Obviously, in 90 minutes you have to deal with important stuff like answering where he comes from and what his purpose is which unfolds nicely throughout the movie.  I would hope Will Smith wouldn’t try to make this into a franchise but it would be a fun cartoon to fill in some of the gaps and story lines that get opened up through the movie.  If Star Wars can do it then why not?  This isn’t a movie I’d buy but it is definitely worth a rent or if you’re cheap and wait until movies come out on TV don’t pass this one up.

Death Race – A Review

Every year for my friend Jim’s birthday he picks the worst movie possible and gets everyone to go see it with him.  I missed it last year when they went to Superbad (which was chosen on name alone because that movie was awesome) but had the thrill of going and seeing Death Race this year with him and a ton of other people.  It had a 40% rating over at Rotten Tomatoes from critics but the RT Community gave it 73% so I didn’t think it would be too bad.  What I found out is it was so bad it was kind of good.  Sure I’m sad I dropped close to $40 to see it after popcorn and all but had at least it was so bad it was funny.  If you like explosions and bad dialog and terrible story lines then this movie is for you.  Did I mention there is racing?  And death?  If those things get you excited then this is the movie for you.  Guys, this is a must see date night movie.  If you hate your significant other.