Colts Win!

Or should I say the Texans lost.  And really maybe I should say Rosenfels lost.  Had it not been for his two fumbles and an interception the Colts would not have been able to comeback.  Sure the Colts won but it was ugly the whole game.  The kind of ugly that makes me want to put a paper bag over my T.V.  I couldn’t find one big enough though.

I was hoping that after the bye week the Colts would come out firing.  I got my wish.  During the first quarter they came out firing.  After a quick 10 point making it 10-0 the Colts didn’t do anything the rest the game until the final few minutes.  They couldn’t run.  Timing was all off and passes were falling incomplete.  The defense couldn’t stop the run or the pass it seemed.  Brackett was on the field hurt at one point during a “hold your breath” moment.  Penalties that made it seem like it was some other team and not the Colts (unless you’ve watched the other games this year). It was definitely one of those scream at your T.V. games that turned into quiet disappointment.

In the last four minutes after the Colts allowed 27 unanswered points making it 10-27, Manning had a decent drive down the field that ended in a touchdown.  Then a Rosenfels fumble for a defensive touchdown.  Then another Rosenfels fumble which allowed the Colts another touchdown drive.  Finally it ended when Rosenfels threw a pass to seemingly right to the Colts so they could intercept it.  Which I should mention after several great passes down the field which looked as if they had every chance to get down the field to score in the 1:56 or so they had to do it in.  I think Rosenfels had money on the Colts and really wasn’t expecting to play. Why else would he have thrown the game like that?

A win is a win as I usually say.  Or as my dad put it, “If there was money on the pool table the Colts would be scooping it up.”  In actuality I think Rosenfels lost the game.  The Texans played superior football throughout and it was a fluke the Colts were able to pull off what they did.  I’m happy about the win but if we play that poorly against this “tough-as-nails” schedule coming up it’s going to be a long December followed by a boring January and February with no Colts to watch.

The Colts outstanding loss to the Jaguars

The Colts loss yesterday was disappointing.  There is no question about it.  I think I read somewhere that this is the first 1-2 start since 1998 when Manning was a rookie.  To me, however, the Colts looked the best they have all season.  The offense came out firing, the defense was doing well with a three and out off the bat.  As for stopping the run they were able to do… but when they didn’t they really didn’t.  So many times they had three or four guys on top of the runner at or behind the line.  The problem is when they missed the tackle or played the pass.  Jacksonville was able to really break off big chunks of yards when that happened which killed us.  So while the loss is disappointing it was nice to see the opening minutes of the game and feel like the Colts were back.  The rest of the game was so-so and about how I would expect us to play against Jacksonville.  Going in I said Jacksonville would want it more than us.  

Let’s take a look at the rest of the season courtesy of  After this weeks bye I think we have a good shot of winning the next couple of games.  Obviously the Packers worry me but I think we’ll have the confidence going in that we can do it.  Division champs may be a different story though.

4 9/28 BYE      
5 10/5 @ Houston Texans      
6 10/12 BALTIMORE RAVENS      
7 10/19 @ Green Bay Packers      
8 10/27 @ Tennessee Titans      
10 11/9 @ Pittsburgh Steelers      
11 11/16 HOUSTON TEXANS      
12 11/23 @ San Diego Chargers      
13 11/30 @ Cleveland Browns      
15 12/14 DETROIT LIONS      
16 12/18 @ Jacksonville Jaguars      

My NFL 2008 Picks

Friend of the blog posted his “2008” NFL picks which doesn’t seem that hard since that season ended back in Feburary but I’m pretty sure he meant this current season anyway.  Now that the regular season is well on it’s way I figure I’ll throw my two cents out there.

AFC East: I know that Tom Brady is out and all but i still think the Pats can pull it off.  Could they defeat the Bills right now? Maybe maybe not.  I’m just saying I think the Pats will win more games then the Bills this season.  I’d love for the Bills to prove me wrong though.

NFC East: Hands down I’m going with the Cowboy’s on this one.  Everything is bigger in Texas.  I’d love to see the Giants pull ahead and win the division but I’m not so sure that is going to happen.  I really like Romo and I think it’s just about time for him to do great things with this team.

AFC North: Really?  I mean really?  I wish this division would be a contest and I’d really like to see the Bengals do something just so my extended family in Ohio will quit complainig about them all the time.  I’m going to have to go with the Steelers on this one.

NFC North: The Bears seem like the obvious choice here but I’m going to go with the Packers.  I like the Packers and I think it’s only because it was the team always talked about on That 70’s Show.  So there you go, for selfish reasons only I pick the Packers.  Plus I don’t like the Bears.

AFC South: The Indianapolis Colts.  Of course the Colts.  Manning is a little rusty right now but there is no way the Colts won’t when their division again this year.  He’ll get his confidence back on the road this weekend when they whoop the snot out of the Vikings.  You’ll see.  “The Colts are going all the way this year!”

NFC South: This is so obviously the Saints it’s not even funny.  I don’t know where people are getting the notion that the Bucs will be able to do anything this year but hey, whatever.  I’d be surprised to even see the Bucs in the playoffs this year.  As a matter of fact I’m calling it now.  The Bucs will finish the season 8-8.  Still 50% pretty good right?

AFC West: While the Chargers failed to impress last year even though many thought they were going to have a huge season including the makers of Madden 08 I still think they have the ability this year.  I’m rooting for them to make it into the playoffs and hopefully be one of those teams that surprise everyone.

NFC West: The Arizona Cardinals are a professional team?  I thought that was minor leagues.  Just kidding.  I have to go with the safe bet on this one and say Seahawks.  Though I’m betting they lose their first playoff game.

AFC Championship: Colts/Patriots

NFC Championship: Cowboys/Saint

Superbowl: Colts vs Cowboys = Colts Superbowl Victory.  Can anyone say dynasty?

So there you have it.  I know I’m completely wrong on a lot of these but this is what I think.  Much of it is my emotions coming into play instead of looking at the facts, but really, who needs facts?  Especially when you’ve got heart right?

Happy Labor Day

Ahhhh Labor Day.  A welcome day off for many.  At least in the U.S.  But what is labor day exactly?  “A day off!”  you say.  Exactly.  It started way back in 1882 when some union workers said, “Hey!  We want a day off!”  The Central Labor Union of NYC actually said that they want, “a day off for the working citizens”.  I say thank you NYC union workers since I’ve enjoyed Labor day off most my working life.

Now you must understand that it took 12 years before Congress made it an official holiday.  In 1894 they finally said, “Hey, it’s the 90’s.  Lets take a day off.”  This started a long tradition of congress taking a day off.  Mostly physically but much of the time mentally.

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September.  This year it is September 1st which is nice because we didn’t have to wait most of the week until we took the day off.  However, the problem lies in the fact that most people mark this as the end of summer.  Instead I’d rather think of it as the beginning of Football season.  The NFL as well as the NCAA start their season now.  NFL will have their first real game this Thursday when Washington faces the Giants.  Go Giants!

So thank you to those Americans that came before me allowing me to have the eight hour work day, picnics, and the start of the regular season(NFL).