Palin slaps Obama Across the Face

Today Palin slapped Obama across the face and said, “Five across the face!” while she did it. At least that is how I imagined it when I read the headline over at Reuters. Palin defends qualifications, slaps Obama was not as interesting an article as I thought it could have been. Still, I enjoyed what they had to say about the whole thing. Maybe they don’t realize some people take all the news from headlines alone. The same people that vote straight ticket. Especially those darned Republicans!

I “like” Palin too

My friend over at Porch Dog likes Sarah Palin, but for all the wrong reasons.  I like her as well.  Also for all the wrong reasons.  It made everyone I know duck at the ball thrown from left field.  It made a jump in the search and news reference for the word “maverick”.  And it made me laugh a little.  Unfortunately, if I’m honest with myself, I view this the same way I viewed the Biden pick.  This is a political move to get more voters.  I thought that about Obama and I think it now about McCain.  But that’s politics right?  Every move is orchestrated in the hopes to get the most votes.  The ultimate popularity contest.  I think America might be getting too good at it.  Porch Dog (from here on out referred to as Porchy) is right when he says the democrats are about to make a fool of her.  I just hope it’s not so bad that her other qualities don’t redeem her.