Apple “Let’s Rock” event Rocked

As usual, I followed Engadget’s live coverage of Apple’s event today. The rumors I posted about a week ago came true and there were a few nifty surprises too. In case you missed it here is a quick run down of what was introduced:

  • iTunes 8.0
  • 1 version of iPod Classic now 120 GB
  • iPod Nano v.4
  • $79 ear buds
  • iPod Touch updates and price cut

iTunes 8.0 was expected and most of the cool new features have been leaked before today. The one feature that was pushed more than any is Genius. The ability for iTunes to pick songs for you and suggest songs you don’t have from the iTunes store. If you like music by Franz Ferdinand you can click on Genius and it will create a playlist of songs based on that selection. Very cool if say you want to hear a particular style of music that day you can create a playlist quickly and easily with Genius. Something has been doing for years by the way with their similar artist radio. This, however, is of your own music and of course these playlists can then me manipulated and used in other smart playlists.

I’m sure someone guessed the iPod classic was dropping the fat body style and keeping only the slim one at 120GB. I didn’t know it but it’s nice because I always thought the big body larger styles were ugly ever since I saw the first version of the 5th gerneration iPods. $250 for this is a great deal.

Everyone knew there was going to be a new Nano coming out mainly because a case for it was released early and then some pictures came out and what not. There were still some surprises there though. It has the accelerometer built in so it knows when you turn it on its side and it will then switch to cover flow mode. With that you can also now shake it and it will shuffle the play. A neat feature but nothing that’s going to make headlines. It’s thin, thin, thin which makes it look amazing. It’s screen does look a little awkward but then again when the Nano fatty came out it looked strange too but has since grown on me. The Genius function works on the iPod itself which is cool. I hope they bring that over to other iPods. Especially the iPhone which is doable in a firmware update. The 24 hour battery life isn’t anything to scoff at either. Also don’t forget about the rainbow of colors that it is available in. Setting all the colors next to each other will make them look like a gay pride bumper sticker. No joke!

$79 ear buds. Wow. I know there are expensive headphones out there but Apple seems to be trying to get into the game. Of course these ear buds look like they do some pretty cool stuff. Each bud has two drivers. A woofer and a tweeter. Like my iPhone headphones there is a microphone in them with a button right on it. Clicking it once is play/pause, twice is next song, and three times goes back to the previous song. I Can’t wait to see a review on the quality.

The new iPod touch has several updates including an enhanced UI. One feature I thought is pretty cool is the integration of Nike+. The receiver anyway, the transmitter is still required and a pair of Nike shoes. This should be great for all you non fat people types who like to run/jog/walk around aimlessly. It’s thinner and hands on reports are saying it’s very sexy. Apple is also going after the portable gaming market with this saying “It’s the best portable device for playing games…”. Watch out Nintendo!

They also mentioned the iPhone 2.1 firmware update at the end which I am looking forward to. It should have a lot of bug fixes including less dropped calls and an improved battery life. This is due out Friday.

So what are you still doing here? iTunes 8.0 should be available for download now so go and get it and be a Genius!


Apple Special Event September 9, 2008 “Let’s Rock”

Apple has confirmed what most of us Apple fanboys have known for awhile.  There will be a special event September 9th which is next Tuesday at 10 am Apple time.  There are many rumors going on about what this might be about.  I’ll throw my hat in the ring of rumors with what I think is coming out.

  • New iPod Nano design
  • iTunes 8.0
  • Price reduction on iPod Touch

There you have it.  Tell your friends.  Don’t buy an iPod this week or face the consequences of buyers remorse.  I doubt printing out this invitation will get you in to the event but send me some good pics if it works for you 😉

"Let's Rock"