Third Day – Fall Tour

The wife and I (along with unborn baby Cochran) went to go see Third Day live in Bloomington recently and it was great.  We had pretty good seats which I’ve talked about before here.  Also the opening acts were great.  So great in fact that I picked up Revive’s and NEEDTOBREATHE’s albums and even met the guys from Revive and had them sign their cd for me.

Third Day came out and rocked our socks off as usual.  They played an awesome set.  Speaking of which how about I run down the set list for you here real quick.  I know this has changed in the shows since and they are doing a couple of acoustic songs now but it’s basically the same and what you can expect if you are going to any of the future shows in this tour.

  1. This Is Who I Am
  2. I Got A Feelin’
  3. Tunnel
  4. Call My Name
  5. Slow Down
  6. I’ve Always Loved You
  7. Thief
  8. King of Glory
  9. Run To You
  10. Come Together
  11. Always Be True
  12. Cry Out To Jesus
  13. Revelation
  14. Creed
  15. Love Song
  16. Otherside
  17. God of Wonders
  18. Agnus Dei

As you can see I think we got our money’s worth!  Afterwards we got to go back stage and meet the band along with about a hundred other people.  We did get a couple of minutes with each guy though to say hey and tell them how much we enjoyed the show.  Of course after everyone was done shaking hands we got a picture.  The first one here is while we were talking to the drummer David and the second is us with the band.  Notice how Angi got the guys to sign her “baby bump” instead of anything like a cd or a poster of the band.

Finally, here is a little video post card that the band posted on YoutTube from the Bloomington show we went to.  If you ever have the chance to go see them live you should do it.  It’s always a blast and they know how to rock!

Third Day Music Builds Tour Set List

I’ve seen a few people have come here searching for the Music Builds tour set list.  The Official Third Day Weblog just posted their updated set list since it has changed since I saw them a few weeks back.  Here is the list as of September 14, 2008:

  • This Is Who I Am
  • Rock Star
  • Creed
  • Slow Down
  • I’ve Always Loved You
  • Thief
  • God of Wonders
  • Tunnel
  • Always be True
  • I Believe
  • Cry Out To Jesus
  • Call My Name
  • Other Side
  • I’ll Fly Away
  • When Love Comes To Town

Third Day in Bloomington

My wife ran across a site saying Third Day is coming to Bloomington on November 7th.  Since we just saw them and they were awesome I thought I’d check it out to see what the deal was.  I couldn’t find anything on Ticketmaster about it but I did on a small site called  I wasn’t sure about them but a Google search turned up many people with good things to say.  I decided to call them and a nice woman answered and told me all about the company and how they do presales for a lot of concerts like this.  They had the Gold Circle seating available so I went for it.  $35 each later and we’re going to see Third Day again this fall.  The seats should be good because the presale just started today and Ticketmaster won’t start selling until the 12th.  I hope to find out my exact seat number soon.  She said only 150 of those seats are available so regardless they will be great seats. For those interested you can get your tickets at the iTickets website here.

The Music Builds Tour

On the way to the concert

On the way to the concert

For Angi’s birthday I bought her tickets to see Third Day at the Music Builds Tour.  We actually got much more than just Third Day since they headlined with supporting acts Jars of Clay, Robert Randolph and the Family Band, and Switchfoot.  Our seats at Verizon Wireless Music Center in Noblesville Indiana (formally Deer Creek Music Center) were great.  We were in section A row M which meant we were to the left of the stage and about 20 yards back.  These were the best seats we’ve ever had there which didn’t exactly come cheap.  That’s why when I found out that $1 of every ticket went to help Habitat for Humanity (hence “Music Builds”) I couldn’t help but wonder why more than $1 from my $60 ticket didn’t go toward the cause.  I do know though that Third Day personally has been helping to build houses as well as donating money from their own pockets to help.

Mac and Tai from Third Day

Mac and Tai from Third Day

We missed all but the last song of Jars of Clay which was disappointing but I hear they rocked the place.  Robert Randolph and the Family Band are kind of like a jam band and they did a great job.  I had never heard of them before but they are definitely worth seeing.  Where we were sitting we could see into the backstage where members of the other bands were eating and lounging on couches. This is when we caught MAc and Tai checking out the other bands.  Or should I say they caught us taking their picture.  Right after this they smiled and waved at us but we took the picture a second too fast. It’s still pretty cool though and I can’t believe how close we were.

Jon Foreman gets personal
Jon Foreman gets personal

Switchfoot did a great job.  I’ve heard their music before but was only familiar with a few of their songs.  Their entire set was real good though.  There was a point where the lead singer Jon Foreman came down in to the audience right next to us at the left of the stage and sings to us high fiveing people.  He walks up the side and around the back of the pavilion asking the lawn how they are doing and stopping to sing some more.  That’s when I got this shot.  Then he continues on up along the other side and back on to the stage to finish the song.  That was some pretty cool stuff.

Mac Powell

Mac Powell

Of course the real reason we went is to see Third Day.  We saw them a few years back at the Indiana State Fair in 2006 and have been looking forward to seeing them again since I gave her the tickets for her birthday several months ago.  They played a couple songs off their new album but we would have liked to hear more.  Of course they did play a lot of their older stuff which was real cool.  For a few of the songs he had everyone sit down and relax while they played.  That’s something i’ve never seen at a concert.

Tai and Mark

Tai and Mark

Mac does a great job of getting the audience involved.  He talks between every song.  Sometimes about that song and sometimes just about some random stuff, but the crowd loved every minute of it.  They are easily some of the best performers I have seen live.  At the end of the night members from all the bands come out for the encore songs.  They play a cover song called When Love Comes to Town and all the different bands get into it.  Really cool stuff.

Angi made up her own post that describes the night even better.  I suggest you check it out over at her Myspace blog.  I’m still trying to talk her into getting a real blog but she’s a little hesitant. I’ll leave you with a couple of YouTube videos.  The live one is actually from this concert and it’s called Slow Down.  The video they had playing behind them for it was really cool and while the sound is kind of crappy I still like this video a lot.   The second is a highlight of their new album Revelation.  I’m sure they will win a Dove Award for at least one of the songs from it.  This Is Who I Am comes to mind.  I’ll throw my name into the hat for the Third Day on the third day contest